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Hot Men in Little Outfits--WHOO!

Am totally addicted to the Olympics.

Have always been this way. I can remember getting mildly obsessed with skeet shooting in 1984 (I was six) and watching it with my dad on a console television in our gold living room.

But it really blossomed in 1992. When cable started covering extra events. And we lived in Seattle so I can watch additional coverage on Canadian television (which usually is better than the US coverage). I am totally loving the NBC coverage this year as I can wake up at 2am and watch fencing or judo and be totally happy.

Loved the men's gymnastics last night. Was so happy when the US won medals. My particular sickness is that I get really upset when people lose. Like in a wrong way, like I know them or something. Except for people who they do those annoying little athlete bios on--I usually root against those people.

But this year, it is all about the swimming. Because those guys are unbelievable HOT. Especially Brendan Hansen who makes me stop whatever I am doing when he comes on screen. Seriously. I cannot concentrate when he is on. I try. But my brain just keeps saying "you must have sex with Brendan Hansen" over and over and over again.

At least he is 23 so he is not jailbait.

And he just seems so nice. Like he would do you dirty and then bring flowers when he met your mother.

Is that too much information? SORRY.

At any rate. Watching entirely too much of this. And I hate how obsessed with winning we are. I mean I am sure all of these guys want to win gold medals. But for some, silver is GREAT. Like the women's gymnastics team. People are acting like a silver is so awful. Is it what they wanted? NO. Is it WAY better than 2000. Absolutely.

For me it is just really exciting to watch these people compete on this level. I cannot imagine being one of the best in the world at anything.

Except possibly bitching. I am truly world class at that.


Made this edamame salad for Monica's shower on Sunday. Every went CRAZY for it. Which sort of was annoying. Because it was so easy. And when we have had potlucks before I have taken time and really made some complicated (for me) things. This took me about five minutes.

So it is the only thing I am ever taking to a potluck again. Ungrateful bitches can eat that until the end of time. Long after edamame is not trendy and people are no longer cutting carbs. Fuck you! You must eat EDAMAME.


I've got nothing today. Just sitting here. Eating grapes. Watching hot men frolic in the water. Oh god, doesn't that sound like gay porn? Also, not to be gross but gay porn is the best! The men are good looking and honestly if I wanted to look at naked boobs I would just take off my shirt. Lets see some man cock, non of that Ron Jeremy shit.

God. I am so classy. And I am going to get the grossest google hits off of this.


I have been playing online poker a lot lately. Not for real money. But I love it. Its bizarre. There is this whole social aspect to it that I hate and avoid (the chatting in the rooms is really creepy, guys stalk the women that play--there aren't many but I use J's log-on so no one pays attention to me) but I love the whole game. Its making me want to have regular poker nights. Sit around. Smoke (except I can't but I will look at you longingly). Drink (PLEASE). And play poker. Anyone in the Seattle area? Play Texas Hold Em? Why can't we have fun friends who play cards? All of our friends have annoying girlfriends who will want to play**. FUCK.

**Am totally disregarding the very real possibility that I could be the annoying wife that wants to play.

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