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Thriller Morning

I am not sure what is going on with Seattle weather this week. We went from one of the best and warmest summers ever to cold and wind and rain.

Its still August ya'll and I am wearing a cashmere sweater. That is just not right.


I had a phone interview for a new position with another company last night.

It was interesting. For all of my complaints about my current job I love my company and I care about it a lot. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't leave.

I am still hoping that I will get another job here though. Even though the other company is a better commute.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Two weeks ago my husband decided that he needed to lose weight. He has done exactly two things to make that happen:

1. Stopped eating in the middle of the night.

2. Increased his water intake.

And ya'll, he has lost seven pounds.

SEVEN. He hasn't exercised. He still eats way too many refried beans for one person and he has lost seven pounds. For me to lose that much I would have to work out every day and give up Coca-Cola (which is why I will never ever lose seven pounds).

I sort of hate him.

But at the same time am very pround. Spent much of the evening yesterday walking past him and saying, "OOOOH look at your skinny ass."

Well, at least I thought it was funny.


I got up at what used to be (before I got all lazy) my normal time this morning. Goddamn that is early. Though traffic is much clearer I still spend too much of my make upping time trying to look more awake.

Though clearly waking up all the way is not an option.

Consequently, I think I am wearing a little too much white eyeshadow this morning. I look a little bit like an extra from Thriller.

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