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Shitting in a Bag

I got stuck in an elevator today. Only for about five minutes. But still. Enough to have some squick factor.

Unfortunately, it was on my way home. Delaying my day even further. Also, I wasn't getting paid for it. I could handle getting stuck in an elevator for a little while if I was getting paid for it.

Also, I was in there with several other people. That was the most horrible part. If I am going to get stuck for a large period of time I don't want anyone in there if I start to lose it. I mean who wants to watch me totally drop my basket. I would feel so self concious and there is no point in a breakdown if you are worried about what the cute guy from the ninth floor is thinking about you.

Besides. You know after a while you will have to pee. Or worse. Crap. Monica once told me that she always wants to carry a granola bar and water in case she gets stuck. Then our HR guy told us that some elevators have plastic bags hidden in the panels so you can shit and piss into them. That is my idea of hell honestly. Having to shit into a plastic bag in front of strangers that work in my building and also in front of a security camera. Thanks I will just die from not shitting thanks.

I feel like I have told this story before.

Sorry about that.

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