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Veterans' Day

We woke up late this morning and left late and were generally just LATE getting on the road. It was really foggy and cold and I thought GOD WE ARE GOING TO BE STUCK IN TRAFFIC FOREVER.

We got here in half an hour.

Its Veterans' Day!

Which apparently other companies give their employees off. Just not the ones we work for. Because they are blood suckers.

J and I decided this is particularly unfair because he IS a veteran and I AM MARRIED to one. I may have added the part where he agreed that because we are married I also qualify. But I totally should.

Isn't anyone in this country patriotic?

Sadly we are not at home sleeping in, watching the history channel and eating a grilled cheese. I would just about kill for a grilled cheese.

Instead I am at work eating Cheerios out of a plastic baggie.

One half of my face is really oily, the other has a big dry skin patch.

Its flaky and actually pretty gross.

I don't know, the girl at the Kiehl's counter was pretty baffled too. She actually said, "UM. . that is really weird," in this annoying and unhelpful Valley Girl accent.

Not surprisingly, it is still like that today. Fucking Kiehl's girl was incompetent. And hateful I guess.

However, it is Thursday. I am wearing a cozy sweater and JEANS. I have a can of Coca-Cola in front of me and my hair looks really good.

Somehow I will soldier on, even with a half scaly face.


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