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New Year and the No Freak Out Zone

So yeah.

This long weekend (well normal for me), felt so much longer than the last one. I am not a big New Year's person. And so it was just mellow and relaxing.

We finally bought a TV for our living room. We have been without one since Travis moved out a year and a half ago. J is so happy I am fairly certain that he hugged the TV goodnight last night.

It is nice though. I didn't realize how much more we used that room when we could have some noise in it.

And J introduced me to the wonderful world of Halo. Which I have to admit is fun as hell.

I mean, I am terrible at it. But any game where you have the opportunity to bash your husband in the face with the butt of a gun--is just good clean fun to me.

Now that the holidays are over, I feel calmer. I don't really do resolutions. But maybe I will have a goal for this year. And that goal is to chill the fuck out.

Seriously. I worry too much. About things that I cannot control or might not happen anyway. We have had a couple of rough years with layoffs and money troubles and lost Presidential elections. We are due for a good one. Maybe this is the year that I get a decent promotion. Maybe this is the year that J gets a good job (since the one he has, though with wonderful people, decided to dick around with everyone's annual raise). Maybe my parents will move up close to us. Maybe something fantastic will happen. I can't be sitting here freaking out if I am going to enjoy any of that.

Though my guess is that it will be about ten minutes before I am losing it.

But ten enjoyable minutes.

So with the most horrible natural disaster in human history happening last week, I am going to enjoy what I have. Be thankful that it wasn't my family. Donate to those in need. And take deep calming breaths in leiu of hyperventilating with fear.

And maybe blast J with a rocket launcher just for giggles.

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