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A Girl Has to Pee Sometime

After five days in my hole, not talking to anyone really. Being a big giant pain in the ass. For the first time EVER not really eating. I am back out into the world. Using punctuation inappropriately and at will.

My department at work has always distanced itself from the rest of the division. Not because we are snobby bitches (though that argument could be made) but just because we are having our little party here and sometimes forget to invite people. The result is that we are all really close to one another.

Last week made this situation more obvious. We are lucky to have one another to lean on. We are lucky to be able to help each other.

But our distance from the rest of the company has created this situation where people are talking about us. In a nice way. But I can walk into the bathroom and hear people whispering, "She is in that department that shall remain nameless because GODDAMN she does not want to get Dooced."

They are trying to be nice and they are being lovely. They have sent flowers and these incredible emails. The whole company is treating us with kid gloves.

And its awful. Not that I want them to be rude to us. But I just want to be in denial a little longer. I know she is gone and I am dealing with it. But I don't want to think about emptying her office or if we are going to hire a replacement or who is going to take make that fucking fabulous seafood dip for next year's holiday party. I am not there yet. I am still on a high wire, suspended above really dealing with it. I have gotten through the worst of it, and I will be fine. But I am not ready to be talked about. Or to have people pay any attention to.

There really isn't any avoiding it though.

I have to pee some time. Well actually all the time.

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