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He is the Walrus

Buster just snorted a piece of macaroni and cheese. He was trying to eat it and it FLEW up his nose. His eyes started to water and for the second time this morning he looked to mama for assistance and got nothing but her laughing.

The first time was when he did a somersault off my bed. He was wresting with Darla and just pulled a Mary Lou Reton off the bed. All I could was try not to wet my pants.

He is downstairs trying to figure out how to call the Humane Society. I am sure I am nominated for worst puppy mama of the year AGAIN.

Big Yankees/Mariners series. J is a little peeved that I am thinking about withdrawing my allegiance from the M's during this series. He thinks that the animosity we exhibit during these games feeds our marriage. I also think he is naive to think that if he provokes me into a fight we will have makeup sex over. Silly silly man.

What he doesn't understand is that even if I am giving up on my M's I still don't like the Yanks. And if I am transferring the love the Red Sox (which I am thinking of) than I still want the M's to win because the Sox are four games back in the East. Its all very simple. I have been having a good time with baseball ever since the Diamondbacks won that game seven. I had entirely too much fun celebrating that night. And even with the Mariners behaving like punks--the Yankees are still not World Champs. Life is sweet.

I need to go comfort my dog. And see if I can get the macaroni out--he is starting to look too much like a walrus.

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