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BR Conspiracy

So after J and I spent entirely too much money at BR Friday, they gave us our receipt. On it, was an offer to get 10% off if you did a survey. Just call this number and answer the ten questions and bring your receipt back in and we'll refund 10%.


I have been seeing this a lot more lately and I almost never do it. But at BR? NO PROBLEM.

However, I am suspicious. I have never gotten good service at BR. EVER. If the greeter is nice to me I consider it an ominous sign (though it could be that I am not alone, hence the service survey). But anyone else think its strange that the day I get a service survey handed to me is the day that I got good customer service? I think the manager knows how often the register spits out the offer and was warning people which customers it could be. Don't care, because she was nice to me. And instead of my usual "oh no one was helping me" (because honestly, even though I worked in commission sales for years, I don't like a lot of help) I said "Hannah" which now I am hoping was her name.

At the risk of offending any man that would read my drivel. Aunt Flo finally landed her fat ass on Friday.

I have been a prisoner of cramps ever since. Equal doses of macaroni and cheese, Midol, ice cream, heating pad and my down comforter have been helping. I should be back to normal today.

Whatever that means.

We are watching football with Keith and Tiffany today. It should actually be fun. Tiffany will be there to laugh at my jokes about the boys' temper tantrums and ridiculous loyalties to shitty teams. Good times.

I suppose I should shower. It's still considered rude to go to some one else's house all smelly right? Even in 2003 we still have that standard. Maybe in 2004.

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