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Protect Me From My Mother

Heh. I got a google hit for Jason Veritek. Sorry, Jason's mom, if you were looking for fan sites for your son. I like him and all but I was busy in that entry talking about gay bars and my psycho in-laws. Maybe next time.

My mother. Is fucking crazy.

Took her shopping to find my sister's birthday gift. Founda darling outfit. This took us about an hour and a half and believe me we went all over this huge mall.

Went to one store to buy her a coat and it took THREE HOURS.

Much dilly-dallying about what was too formal and what is inappropriate for a woman of her age to wear. What the fuck ever.

But we did have a good time. Love hanging out with my mom. We tried on clothes everywhere. We bought face cream. We coveted things that we could not afford. I found a dozen things I wanted that of course I can't actually buy. Damn it. My mom wanted to buy me a present but honestly she does that too much so I wouldn't let her. That and my dad gives her shit for spending so much money--and I don't want to be the cause of that.

Tempted to let her buy me this cute as down vest at the Gap though.

Saw the best mullet that I have seen since we were in Iowa this summer. It was red and curly and had sides that were clipper cut. And he had greased the top into this type of pompador. Fabulous.

The husband is watching the World Series. Since it's about the most boring matchup I can imagine I think I will take a nap.

Oh and let me tell you that I had the best day yesterday. Cleaned my bedroom and watched a Camp Jim marathon. Have you seen this show yet? It's this man running an intensive cheerleading camp. Fucking hilarious.

OOH. It's on at six. Must run.

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