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Hey pervert. From Ponka City, OK. Looking for "ten year old boobies." Just turn your sick ass around.


Interesting night last night.

Bought the husband his birthday and Christmas present.

A new car.

That was not in the plan. But the beater that he was driving committed suicide this week. I mean it does have 150,000 miles on it and was made when I was eight years old. The transmission is about dead, you can't roll down the windows, the heat smells, the muffler is about to fall off, there is no seat belt on the passenger side. Etc.

So J owns a new car. It is shiny and fast and goes VROOOM. He has named it Thor.

They cut us a great deal, gave us five hundred bucks for the beater and gave us cash back for being return customers.

So I said ok.

I am now getting pretty much anything I want from the husband because he is so so happy. We have spent the day cleaning the house. He steam cleaned the carpet. My house now smells divine and looks fantastic.

He even took me to look at houses.

I could get used to such treatment.

We also decided to spend the money Jdad sends us for his birthday and Christmas for a new couch. Which I got to pick out yesterday.

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