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Stuffed Mushrooms are Yicky

Yeah! It's housewife day!

Eating pizza rolls for breakfast. Those of you disgusted by my Easy Mac habit can now rest easy. Oh, are pizza rolls worse? Too bad.

Trying to decide what to take to my work holiday party tonight. I am supposed to make an appetizer. Of course everyone else with the same assignment snatched up all the easy things that you can buy like Spinach Dip and a Veggie Tray. Last night I was reviewing my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (SHUT UP my grandpa bought it for me and seriously it is the best cookbook, everything is easy to make and tastes good) and making Stuffed Mushrooms seemed like a great idea. Now it looks like work.

I hate work.

So now I don't know what to make.

Such problems I know.

This is why I am not a housewife. Because not knowing what to cook is much more stressful to me than being in charge of 23 million dollars.


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