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Last night when I got home J had made dinner for me.

I don't know what I did in a past life to deserve him. Possibly rescue a child from a burning building.

No one can tell you what being married will be like. Even though certain portions of the institution seem to be universal--he will forget how to dress himself, he will ruin your best sweater in the laundry--the rest is highly individual.

I didn't know I would like it so much.

I mean, I complain about J here a lot. He is frustrating, he is annoying. But he is also really great. I have such a great life being married to him.

God. He just instant messaged me to remind me to leave time tomorrow night to have sex because I will be gone so long.

I have a marillion things to do and he is messaging me with this?

Ok sapfest over.


Have to go buy shoes for our friend Keith today. Somehow I no longer just shop for my husband but for everyone he knows. I don't really mind. Of course, Keith just knows that I will make the trip for him and use my discount so it is a total win-win for him. But it would have been nice if Keith had managed to know what he wanted before he asked me to go buy the shoes. This is our conversation:

Keith: Anyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I need shoes.

Anyabeth: Ok

Keith: Willlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you plllllleaseeeeeeeee go buy them for me?

Anyabeth: Yes.

Keith: Ok. (starts to hang up)

Anyabeth: WAIT! What kind of shoes?

Keith: Doc Martens

Anyabeth: What kind of Doc Martens?

Keith: Brown

A: Keith, there are literally a dozen different brown Doc Martens. Can you help me out here?


A: The lowtop ones? The ones that look like tha pair you have been wearing since I met you like five years ago.

K: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: What size?

K: UM? I don't know.

A: Let me talk to Tiffany.

Seriously. He didn't know what size shoe he wore. I could understand if he just didn't know what Doc Marten size since they are European but he didn't know what size in anything. Tiffany had to look on his shoes.


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