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Ah Romance. J and I just never knew you.

I had to work late last night. On my Anniversary. Now, to be fair when I said HAD to I don't mean that my boss asked me to or made me or anything. I mean that shit just started happening that I needed to take care of. I am not so good at the letting stuff go until tomorrow thing. I am better about the do it right now so you won't freak out at 11 that you are going to get fired thing.

This is why I am a great employee but terrible wife.

J got on the bus and my dad called him. TERRIBLE accident on our route home. Two buses crashed causing a back up that could possibly last a week. J got off the bus. And came to my office. Where he made fun of my decor, was pissed because Monica was gone so he couldn't out her pregnancy at the office and just generally bugged me until I finished the stuff that had to get done.

Then we ate McDonald's. Seriously ya'll. Hot anniversary dinner huh? Actually it was really fun. We almost never eat together during the week and we just talked for a couple of hours and took the bus (and talked the hour on the bus--traffic was pretty much gone by then). We talked about politics and whether we should become Jewish and why don't I like pickles. That is a good anniversary to me.

Big day at work again. Better get to it.

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