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Double Whee

I hate going to the dentist. But today was my ninth dentist appointment in just under two months.


Seriously. That is ridiculous. But I am paying the penalty of my unfortunate genetic legacy. I was born without enamel on my teeth. And, because I was born so early I was given steroid injections. Steroids ruin your teeth. So basically my teeth are awful. They are yellow and horrible looking and I get a cavity if I even look at sugar. As my dentist put it "they are a little soft".

But today was the last appointment that I have to have this year. Except for cleanings which I do not mind at all. Because I had the last tooth with decay on it fixed today. The rest is all cosmetic and we are doing it next year when I have some insurance to pay for it (mine is already used for the year). Can I get a WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?


Travis and Moose just came and got the big TV out of the front room. It feels so good to get all of his stuff out of our house. Even though it was a nice TV. So can I get another WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?


I'm going to go take a vicodin and pass out now.

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