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New Meaning to Bubblehead

Do you ever have times in your life when you just do not care?

I feel that way now. Like what is happening isn't really happening. I am simply watching a movie about this and who gets upset about a movie? Well maybe an important movie but not a movie about a girl who doesn't like her boss and worries too much about shirt lengths and baseball. That is a boring movie.

I just feel so removed from everything. Like my head is in a bubble and I am outside of it. To tell the truth it is sort of a relief to not feel so stressed all the time. To not care about the little BS details of my job or whether or not my carpet is clean enough. That crap never makes me happy anyway so why care about it.

This is how people get addicted to drugs. I am not on drugs and have never really been into them but if they made me not care about things that I cannot control than I can understand the appeal.

I am sure I will snap out of this soon. It is probably better that I do. As relaxing as it is to not care about this, it does pay the bills and the bills need paid. I am sure reality would ruin my little documentary. But in the meantime I am going to enjoy my vacation from being myself. Because I am exhausting.

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