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Its a GIRL

Monica is having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is very exciting, mainly because I was right. She is just going to be the best mom. WHEEE!

But she wasn't at yesterday. And everyone wanted to know what she was going to name the baby.

Unforunately, a couple of people remembered from previous conversations some of the names she likes. I tried to put them off. Tried to tell them that she hasn't decided. Which is TRUE. But still. Don't know how successful I was.

See, she doesn't want people to know because people will say annoying things. I don't know why people think it is ok to comment on every little damn thing. I mean if you want to do that get a fucking internet diary!

Inevitably, if you talk about names people say "that sounds like a dog's name" or "I knew a girl with that name once, she was a real bitch." How these people are allowed to walk the streets unmaimed I do not know. Keep you goddamn mouths shut.

This reaffirms my belief that you should just lie about being pregnant as much as possible. Deny it until it is ridiculous. Don't give people any information. They will just use it against you. Because honestly, you cannot fucking win.


Big poker night tomorrow. Means I need to clean the house. DAMN IT!

Probably won't though. The Dr. Phil show just won't watch itself you know.

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