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So my mother and my sister asked for the address for this.


See, other than Monica and my lovely husband, no one knows about this. Shit, I think about three or four people read it at all. So I just say whatever I am thinking. Some of it is mean and angry and I don't think it at all five minutes later.

There is something liberating in that.

But welcome Mom and Sister. If I say something mean about you or something that you don't like I hope that you will remember that this is my place to vent. I am not going to go back and edit stuff to spare your feelings.



And with that. Don't want to be at work today. Had a DELIGHTFUL dream last night that I had won a forty million dollar lottery. Was able to quit job. Buy my dad a business. Give my grandparents money. Watch baseball all the live long day.


Was the freaking life.

Oh shit. Just realized that if my sister and mom read this they will realize that we are thinking about having a baby. Don't pressure me ya'll! Am freaking out about this myself!! Please don't make this worse.

Man, I am going to spend to much of today wimpering on the floor in fear.

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