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Monday Blows

One of the worst things about coming to work this early is trying to figure out what to wear. Of course you can't tell if it is going to be a nice day or not at 4 in the morning so sometimes I end up wearing something weather-inappropriate through no fault of my own.

I was really cold walking in this morning. It better turn out to be a nice day out or the weather guy gets it.

There were a lot of sea gulls out today. I was pretty sure I was going to get shit on.

Mainly because this has never happened to me and I am pretty sure that I am due.

For a while in the early nineties my sister could not go anywhere and not get shit on by a sea gull. The zoo, the market, even Disney World.

It probably only happened those three times but it felt like it was every damn day. And it wasn't even happening to me.

Since it hasn't happened to me I bet the first time I get shit on it is by an elephant.


I have had a headache for five days now. Nothing seems to touch it, not hot showers, not caffeine, not advil. I even went to sleep really early last night and still feel like crap. I ended up puking in an alley this morning because it hurt so bad (and often headache + long-ass bus ride = puking for AB). This was very embarrassing. For me and for the homeless person that I just missed vomiting on (in my defense he really did look like a pile of garbage though I did not say this out loud). So far, today sucks.


Just for the record. Sometimes bleach is the very best thing that a public restroom can smell like. No matter how much my mother bitches about the fumes.

She is obviously not thinking clearly.

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