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Politics, Even I am Bored

My headache, which has been going on for too many days, became a full-on migraine of death yesterday. I powered through the afternoon and got NOTHING done and went home and passed out. Heavily medicated.

Almost nine hours of sleep really did help. Its back again today but in a much more manageable form. Hopefully, it'll be gone tomorrow. Because I hate being sick on my days off. It feels like cheating somehow.


I am so annoyed with politics right now. Annoyed with how short sighted people are. How hypocritical. How quick to discuss sexual morality but very reluctant to discuss the morality of war. It is ugly to be American right now. And to have to look in the mirror of what we have become.

And people do not see it. I turn on cable tv and see men and women all over the country talking about how if we allow gays to marry than men will want to marry their dogs. The hell? Seriously, what is that? Why would some one want to marry their dog? And if they did, what on earth does that have to do with people getting married? I just do not understand anyone anymore.

We are losing our freedom of speach. We are losing our ability to take back this country. And we say nothing.

I am ashamed of that.

And I am ashamed of writing this all here instead of taking these people on. But I don't have the energy to deal with that and so I just sit here and type and try to keep working in my life. While our country just fucking falls apart.

It is a weird perspective honestly. To care so much and care so little at the same time.

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