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Cut it Off?

Why do boys only like long hair? Is it some sort of leftover longing for Cindy Crawford? Or not so leftover longing, because honestly she still looks pretty damn good?

My hair is getting long. Not long for anyone else but long for me. Long for any girl who, frankly, looks better with short hair and also has hair so thick that she looks like an 80's video vixen every morning before she hits the flat iron.

So I need a haircut. Because I am quickly becoming the girl with the messy ponytail. Which is not the most professional look in the world. Also, really not that flattering.

But the husband is resistant. I think this is in part because I can get ready so fast with a messy ponytail. Seriously. I can actually put it in a neat ponytail before bed and it is just nicely messed up in the morning.

Also, boys like long hair. See above whine.

I just don't understand it really. Short hair is SASSY. Long hair cannot be sassy. And its not like I am looking all Claudia Schiffer with the ponytail.

But even though J says that short hair is just fine with him I can tell he is already mourning prematurely. I am not sure I will cut it off. Though I think I look better I will be dooming myself to pitying looks from the girls at work (one of whom said to me the other day, "but it was just getting to a NORMAL length!!") and getting hit on by lesbians in the lingerie department (true story, happened by the DKNY thongs).

Maybe there is a reason that every damn woman on the Swan last night had the same hairstyle.

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