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Humiliation at Burger King

I have to add this. Because I was horrified when it happened. And it would amuse me very much if it happened to some one else. Happening to me, of course it was the WORST THING EVER.

Driving home from work, in a very long commute and rushing to get home and eat and change and get to the softball game I decide to get myself a burger on the way home.

While waiting at the drive-thru I had a little twinge in my nose. An itch maybe. IN my nose. So I carefully and in a not obvious way picked it. SHUT UP. Everyone picks their nose sometimes. I didn't have a tissue. Call the police.

Except it wasn't a dried booger like I thought. It was a blood clot. And I now had a gushing bloody nose in the drive-thru at Burger King.

I tried to tell the kid at the window that I had hit myself in the face with my handbag (humiliating yes, but less so than picking your nose until it BLEEDS like some sort of degenerate. I should have just sealed the deal as a psycho and ATE the bloodclot and then quit my job to live on the streets just like such a person deserves) but I don't think he was buying it.

Possibly because the bloodclot was still hanging off my finger.

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