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Culture of Fear

So this is a hard thing for me to write about. Mainly because a lot of people that I respect and read often are writing about it. They are just on what I feel the wrong side of this discussion. Specifically, mortimersmom. But there are others. Actually news outlets all over the country are running with this story.

If you don't know what I am talking about, http://www.womenswallstreet.com/WWS/article_landing.aspx?titleid=1&articleid=711. I can't even link it because it sickens me so much so read it on your own. And come back here.

I'll wait.

This is RACISM. Just to let everyone know that. This is I cannot believe that we let large quantities of Arabs on a plane. News outlets like Scarborough County and other Fox News programs have claimed that these men were on a dry run for a terrorist attack. Nevermind that it has been proven again and again that these musicians had legitimate business in the US. It is wrong to racially profile people coming into this country.

Do you think that if we started banning Arabic men from coming into the US that terrorism would stop? Don't you think that they are smart enough to start sending women? And then white people? And then children?

All these men are guilty of is having a good time on a plane, talking to one another and using the bathroom. But the whole country is SHOCKED by their behavior. FUCK YOU. Seriously. This is what George Bush is selling, fear and racism and hate. These men did nothing wrong and we are supposed to re-elect George Bush because these terrorists are still out there.

And people are buying it. They say, "well there have been Arabs on my flights too!" How can this be!?!?!

Are we listening to ourselves? Are we listening to how it all boils down to the US not wanting more brown people here? How frightening is that?

And I am particularly afraid. Because first it is Arabs. Then it is Blacks. And then it is the Jews.

That is what America is becoming.

Canada looks better and better all the time.

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