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Falling for Fall

J and I have started commuting together. Its working pretty well. When we have done it before I would get impatient because he would get up too late and I felt like I could get to work faster on the bus. Now he is so motivated to use the carpool lane with me that he is usually ready first. It doesn't hurt that he likes his job now and when we did it before he hated it and I think he was subconciously trying to get fired. Additionally, I care less about when I get to work now. Everybody wins.

I love getting up later. Its still 5:30 am, which is an amazing thing for me. I remember in college literally sleeping through 9am classes. I can rarely sleep past 8 now. Even if I try.

I also like seeing my husband in the morning. Its nice to get ready and be allowed to make some noise. To meow at the cat if I want. To swear like a sailor if I burn my hand on my flat iron.

The best part by far is talking in the car. J and I have a long history of great (and sometimes manic) conversations in the car. Something about being forced to talk and not having to look each other in the eye brings that out in us.

This morning was all about the playoffs and politics. He encouraged me to flash truckers. Good times.

And I can eat my bagel in the car. I don't have to eat two meals at my desk and I don't have to rush to eat at home. Love that.

Sometimes I miss my old schedule. The overtime. No traffic on the roads. And there is something very peaceful about being up before all the normal people. But of course, there is something very peaceful about still having your ass in bed too.

Its my favorite time of year in Seattle. Cold enough that the air feels really clean but not so cold that it is hard to breathe. You can wear a sweater or a blazer but don't need a real coat. It is still sunny. If it weren't for the damn volcano it would be complete perfection. I am so glad that the Mariners didn't make the playoffs. I think every time they show this weather on TV eight thousand Californians move to Bellevue.

I wish you could bottle fall. Something about it makes me insatiably hungry for apples. Seriously, this weekend I ate six apples. In two days. Admittedly, I am a little obsessive about the apples. I like Fujis the best by far. They have to be cut up, the smaller the better. I had braces as a child so I have a strange fear of biting into an apple and having my teeth come off. Even though I am at least semi-certain that this will not happen. But fall makes me want to take that risk. Because Fujis are damn good.

Nothing much to say really. Just that I am eating lots of apples. Wanting a haircut. Having lots of sex. Talking trash about the Yankees. Wearing some kick ass calf-high boots. And no one has smelled in the elevator today.

Either today is fabulous or those pills are something incredible.

Probably both.

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