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Get Dressed

Tis the season to be dressed inappropriately.

I know that in some parts of the country there is still warm weather. I know that in Arizona its like 90 degress and sunny and people are longing to wear there new fall fashions. This is simply not the case here in Seattle.

Its fall here. Its not cold but its between 50-60 degrees and its not sunny. At all.

Which means that when I see the girls in my office wearing tank tops and capri pants and sandals I shudder. Ok, to be honest I always shudder when I see capri pants but people insist on wearing them with really unflattering shoes.

But its not summer ladies. It is not warm. And our building is freezing. So wearing that shit and then coming here and whining about being cold is not going to win you any sympathy. It only makes me harbor thoughts of poisoning you by slipping arsenic in your coffee. But don't worry, I used non-fat whipped cream!

Yesterday. I wore a WOOL SWEATER. Today. A blazer. Its not warm. And if you wear layers you can always make your outfit work for you. If you are wearing a tank top you are going to end up huddled in front of a space heater before noon.

My rule of thumb is: if steam rises from the grass when my dog pisses in the morning, I need a jacket or a sweater.

Learn it. Live it. Love it. BITCHES.

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