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One More

I HATE ALex Rodriguez. Not only did he fucking try to cheat last night. But he is whining like a little bitch about it today. He didn't KNOW that you weren't allowed to slap another player. He didn't know? How do you get paid a quarter of a billion dollars to play a game and not know the fucking rules? And he doesn't think that umps should be able to meet anymore. That they always rule for the Red Sox when they meet. UM? Actually they got the calls correct when they met so maybe you should just shut up ALEX.

And quit wearing purple lipstick you fucking freak.

This whole series just makes me hate all of them more. HATE. Like with passion. And BLOOD.

Stupid assholes.

And I am tired of everyone kissing Jeter's ass. If he gets a hit its a CLUTCH hit. Nobody talks about how he hasn't hit at all in this series. How he bumbled two plays. How he had a couple of CLUTCH strikeouts. HATE HANG ON BOSTON. ONE MORE!

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