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Biggest Chokers Ever

Can I get a HELL YEAH!

That was the best feeling last night! I mean, I was completely convinced that they were going to blow it. Literally, until the last out was recorded. When they brought Pedro in I kept thinking, "maybe they are TRYING to lose this game."

My husband got his first taste of what it is like to be me. To have your team be THIS close to winning and just CHOKE. And it feels SO GOOD TO NOT BE HIM RIGHT NOW!

I have to give him credit though. He wore his Yankees jersey today. Just like he would if they had won. And I hope that every single person he sees gives him shit. Because God knows he has dished it out.

Beyond that I have got nothing. I am so tired from these games I cannot imagine the people playing them. My belief that baseball is the greatest game is reaffirmed. And my picks for the World Series are still alive!

Today is just about sitting back. Finishing some things off. Waiting to see who crazy George fires first.

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