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Ya'll. Bladder infections suck.

Mine had already started that sickening dance towards the kidneys. Raging infection. High fever. Threw up at the doctors. The whole humiliation.

Thanks for asking.

But now I have some lovely lovely pills and they work oh so very well. And yes, I do feel better.

Though I am a little pissed.

Because apparently there is a pill they can give you that relieves symptoms immediately. And NO ONE HAS EVER GIVEN ME THAT BEFORE.

The fuck? You could make me feel better right now instead of waiting 24 hours?

I just love my doctor. Love him. He is the best man ever.

I would like to go kick the ass of the schmuck in J's office that suggested that I "drink some cranberry juice" before running off to the doctor. I suggest that he piss some acid for a few hours before making that call.


So. Today is better. Skin looks better. Got up on time. Can pee without crying. Outfit is working. Its like I got a do-over on yesterday.

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