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Delicate Balance

One of the hardest things about being married is realizing that people really do not change. I love my husband. And for the most part I do not mind his imperfections, in fact I love him more for them. I wouldn't want him to change who he is.


But the truth is he still does certain things that make me want to rip his face off.

J didn't have anything to do Thursday night and all day Friday. I spent the night at my parents' house so I could go shopping early in the morning with my mom. J came home to play video games all day.

He promised me this weekend that if he was going to have people over that he would clean up the house. The bathrooms needed to be cleaned and everything picked up and dusted. Would take him about an hour and a half.

I got home last night and he had done none of it. I had a big huge migraine from spending the day in big crowds and dealing with my mom and her friend. I just wanted to go lay in a dark room.

He then tells me that his friend was coming in an hour. But not to worry and that he would clean everything up before his friend got here.

Half an hour later he was still playing video games.

So I just started cleaning the house. And he yells at me that I don't need to do that.

Well actually I did. Because he wasn't going to have enough time to finish.

He doesn't do the things he tells me he will. He waits until the last possible minute and most of the time is just doesn't get down. This includes telling the neighbor boy that he needs to come let the dogs out, folding his laundry and cleaning his bathroom.

Seriously, I feel like his fucking mother and it makes me tired. I also feel like he just doesn't care about what he tells me.

I know I will get over it. I don't really have a choice. He will continue to not do what he tells me he will. He will continue to procrastinate before he does a fucking thing. And I will continue to not strange him to death.

Its a delicate balance.

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