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So I am feeling like a bad Jew.

We haven't been to Shabbat in a few weeks. We were sick. And then it was J's birthday. And then JBro was here. And this week we have my office holiday party. And maybe it is just me that thinks its weird that the next time we will go to Shabbat is Christmas Eve.

Also, we have not celebrate Hanukkah very well. Not because we didn't want to, but because we don't really know how.

People think that you can just become a Jew. It doesn't really work that way. So people are surprised that we aren't really done. But it takes a really long time.

I do understand why people think that. I mean to become a Christian you really just have to believe in Jesus and get your head dunked. I mean I know that not all of them are but you know.

At any rate. It is confusing. And I can't help but feeling like a failure even though I don't think our rabbi would think that. Anyway. Fear of failing blah blah blah.
Side note, my husband is laying naked on the bathroom floor with a bath running and playing guitar. Except that he doesn't actually know how to play guitar. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I am using J's computer and desk and absolutely EVERYTHING in here is coated with baby oil. Draw your own conclusions. And EW.
I itch absolutely everywhere. I have no rash. No bumps. No dry skin. I am fairly sure I am just making this up in my head. I have done this before. Like when I thought my dogs had fleas and I could actually feel them crawling on me. Even though there were no fleas.

I itched all night Sunday. And all day today.

And to prove that I should not ever be allowed to look at Web MD I looked up unexplained itching. Once I get past all the obviously not true like scabies and lice and STDs I see leukemia.

I am restraining myself from calling the doctor and asking for a test.

Heh. Not really. But what is wrong with me.


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