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Mitten Kitten

Our cat, Rooster, has really started to settle into the household. She still likes to pretend that she hates all of us and would jump out the window to her death in protest if given the chance. But honestly, she follows us around and gives everybody kisses. Well, except Buster. But honestly, I don't think you can reasonably expect a cat to ever warm up to a thirty pound animal with a smushy face running and jumping on top of it like its are a furry trampoline.

That seems a bit much to ask.

Since she has settled in she now sleeps in bed with the family. That means in a queen sized bed we have two adults, two dogs and a cat. Just in case anyone was wondering, no we do not have any room at all. I am thinking of buying a second mattress for me.

Rooster spends most of the night sleeping on my pillow next to me. Fortunately, my allergies have not been horrible. And my throat is getting very used to being clogged with cat hair.

Rooster has also developed a nasty habit of clawing up the carpet. There is one spot on the stairs that she is about to pull up. And we cannot get her to stop.

This weekend we talked about getting her de-clawed. Basically everyone we know with cats has done it. It seemed like a sensible solution.

If you ever want to de-claw a cat. Do not google it.

You will see pictures of cats in surgery. You will see anatomical drawings. You will read a vet comparing this surgery to having your fingers cut off at your second knuckle.

She won't be getting de-clawed. But if we don't come up with something soon she will be wearing mittens. Possibly mittens attached with super glue.

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