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Four More Years

In the middle of all the mess of last week I picked up my glasses.

They have made a difference this week. I am not really having headaches when I get home. And my eyes do not feel so damn tired. Of course that could be because this week has been a little surreal and none of us are really working our noses to the grindstone anyway.

I don't really like how I look in glasses. And more than one person has commented that they make me look "smarter" or "studious." Which means I looked like your typical dumb blond bitch before. I know that this is not fair at all, especially since I kept raving about how smart J looked when he got his glasses. However, I do not have to be FAIR.

I actually think that my glasses make me look like a cross between Lisa Loeb and Smurfette. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view.
I stayed up very late to watch the finale of Project Runway last night. I am pissed that I did. Because one of my two favorites, Kara Saun, acted like such a goddamn tool that I HATED her by the end of the episode. Better that I not see the collections or even know the outcome than to know what a stupid, self-absorbed, nasty bitch she turned out to be. Note to all reality show contestants: whining and crying about other people's integrity and then breaking your contract will make you look like a bigger asshole than the woman that was just rude to everyone.

I was so happy when Jay one. I liked him and I loved his collection. But seriously Kara Saun, you were awesome for so long and then just such a piece of shit.
Today is J and I's fourth anniversary. It doesn't really feel like it is possible that we have been married that long. And at the same time it feels like we have been married about thirty years.

I love being married. It sounds awful but I wasn't sure that I would like it when I actually got married. But it is just the most fun that you can have with a legal institution. There is something very rewarding about finding that person that you will annoy every day of your life.

We won't be going out to dinner or anything tonight. Its a week night and we are just old people that way. But I am sure that we will enjoy . .UH . .earthly pleasures later on this evening.

Especially if he gets the job that he is interviewing for today. So keep your fingers and toes crossed.

And chant "FOUR MORE YEARS!"

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