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Damn Keds Making Me Cry

Ok. When I opened up In Style this month you know what there was a fucking ad for? FUCKING KEDS !

Y'all, I gave my pal Gladys so much shit for wearing keds. I mean to me, they are the shoes of the mommies. I mean she was a mommy. But there was no damn reason to announce that to people. I mean just put on leggings and taper legged jeans and wear a tunic for crying outloud.

Anyway. I spent most of December bullying her into buying a pair of Pumas. I mean they were white and pale blue so its not like they were punk rock or anything.

But keds are so not ok with me. I mean, I remember having so many pairs of them. I mean you had to have black and white and navy and maybe red. And you wore them without laces. Which pissed my dad off to the point that we would put the laces in when he was around. Actually, when I think about how mad my dad would get about that I start to wonder if he needs to be medicated.

So I am sorry, In Style. You cannot convince me those fuckers are fashion again.

If they are, and there is a heaven, I can feel Gladys flipping me the bird and screaming "FUCK YOU" right now.

God I miss her.

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