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The View

Oh dear.

Am watching the View. And blogging. IN BED! WHEEE!

I love that they have made the Apprentice last night into this feminist issue. If you missed it, one of the younger female contestants had a little meltdown that people have always hated her because she is just so gorgeous and blah blah blah. And several of the male contestants were complete condescending asshats.

That being said. Honey, you were picked for the show because of your looks. And by the way, its not like you are the most beautiful woman in the world. You are not even the most beautiful woman on that show so chill for a minute. And guys? Take down the sexist bullshit a notch. Because in the real world that will get your shit cut off. Seriously, what is with this show? And the pulling out of the chairs and demeaning nicknames for women and contestants forgetting a female judge's name? Are these people in a time warp where this shit is still ok? I mean I know that Donald Trump isn't going to care but presumably every other employer you will ever have will. And try getting a new job being interviewed by a woman who just watched you tell a woman that you are sure she will be successful because she is just so pretty.

You will be lucky to walk out of the room with your balls still attached fool.

But seriously The View? Stop letting Elisabeth Hasselback talk. If you need her to be pretty to give your show some sort of sex appeal that is great but seriously do not let her open her mouth anymore.

And stop letting her dress herself, she can't do that shit either.

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